Why Artists have dilemma of quitting permanent work and focus on art?

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Why Artists have dilemma of quitting permanent work and focus on art?

Beeing captured in the arms of the system we tend to be convinieced that only “working for someone” will secure the income to pay the bills and food. Many times we sacrifice hours of everyday life usually doing things we dont enjoy with people who don’t inspire us awaiting the check from our Boss by the end of each month. This stops us from beeing self sustainable and become more flexible and wheeling to do what we love/like/enjoy. What if it’s not a Company who cover your paycheck?

What if its not your boss who is above you? Summarizing if you have an vacancy job and you think that you “work for someone”- you are wrong. In reality what brings money and what lead everyone is the PROJECT (which, by the way you are allready a part of by performing your jobs task). What is a successful project? An idea on which we will work enough hours, put enough effort into promotion, on target group examination, channels of sale and whats very important – structure the process. Following those rules, involving discipline and beeing focus will sooner or later bring expected results. Once the goal is established along with necessary steps to follow, the PROJECT will speak up and give the feedback whenever it needs to be adjust or evolved and you shall proceed accordingly. Same as any other products, Art can be delivered to its audience on the project based ideology. Stand up today for self-sustainability!


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