About me

Events Coordination I Cultural Management I Public Relations


I’m involved in support and event organization for over 10 years. First independently executed gala dinner I’ve done at age of 17 on request of students association.

My fascination in hospitality and entertainment started at my early childhood as our home was always full of guests, food, music and arts.

This made me to choose media and theatre profiled highschool faculty at first.

Than, in 2013, I’ve graduated from University of Social Sciences in PoznaƄ/Poland in the field of Cultural Management and Public Relations.

Since April 2019 I’m acting as on-call Event Caretaker for Home For Cooperation (UN Buffer Zone, Cyprus). Supporting after-hours bookings with full spectrum of services.

  • Setting up the basic audio-visual equipment
  • Interaction with organizers and guests
  • Overseeing arrangements and caterings
  • Safety of the venue and building security assurance

Back in 2018, I’ve signed yearly contract with ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation as Cultural Officer where I participated in development of innovative, multidisciplinary events on local and international scale (Artecitya, MAPS, Kids University, Moving Silence, X-Dream Festival and more).

My first year in Cyprus was dedicated to co-create, design, plan and realized 12-months program of activities for Nautilos Youth Center.

  • Movie nights
  • Sport events
  • Cultural evenings
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Theme celebrations
  • Networking with other institutions, potential partners, young citizens

While working in corporate services (2014-2018), beside administrative tasks, additionally I was assigned to expand marketing strategies.

  • Branding processes
  • Content writing
  • Pre-design of promotional materials
  • Concepts creation
  • Preparation of the companies for trades and conferences

Big impact on my career had also work in radio station “GRA” as Journalist/ Reporter. It gave me high understanding on communications and media from inside perspective.

My commitment benefited with original circle called “What’s new in the City“.

Check more about my works and collaborations HERE