Welcome and thanks for passing by!

It is time to consider what kind of support you are looking for.  While working together for the first time it seems reasonable to start small in order to grow big on relation.

It saves time, stress and money for everyone!

Have a look at some of the services you may be interested in for the beginning and let’s meet up to discuss further!

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  • Direct assistance to the manager/director over production
  • Consulting event from conception to cleanup
  • Reporting evaluation
  • Overseeing staff and venue setups
  • Maintenance of the program and follow up with schedules
  • Administrative tasks

  • Team leader
  • Volunteers coordinator
  • Event caretaker
  • Venue & Happening manager
  • Festival supporter

Not sure yet?

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Every organizer needs trustworthy and reliable team. It takes time and effort on  both sides to create smooth collaboration. There is no other way than to try and see how it goes.

You shall know that I’m very happy to join your team and contribute to amazing things you want to create!